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Vidatox and Chronic Myelosyte Leukemia

Brief details about disease process, results before and after administration of VIDATOX

Name of disease: Chronic Myelosyte Leukemia

Time when disease was discovered: September 1998

Treatment hospital: Hospital Hematology and Blood Transfusion, HCM city

Treatment process:

1998-2002: oral administration of Hydrea (Hydroxyl urea), capsule, 100mg

Currently in VN, the similar form of Hydrea manufactured by India has a brand name of Hytinon. After nearly 4years taking Hydrea, the response to drug had been reduced, disease status are gradually worsen. At that time, luckily the NOVATIS invented the GLEEVEC (Imatinib), special treatment for the chronic leukemia. I was one of the first patient who took GLEEVEC in Vietnam. I had to buy from America, and ask my relatives to bring it back to Vietnam with the price of 2500USD/bottle of 120 capsule 100mg. One bottle is designed to use in 1 month (normal dose of 4 capsule/day, taken daily). After using for several years with high total money spent, luckily again, i met the GIPAP program (GLIVEC INTERNATIONAL PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGAM) of Novatis Pharma AG. This program connected donators in the world who wish to develop free GLIVEC to the leukemia patients at poor countries (at this time, GLEEVEC had been changed into GLIVEC). The drug was delivered to me with no charge. Normal daily dose is 4 capsules/day. After a long time using GLIVEC, my body started to show evidence of Imatinb resistance. Hence, the dose was increased to 6 capsules and then 8 capsules/day.

Till around April 2012, GLIVEC merely had no effect on me. The doctors had me have a marrow puncture to test. They have found a Imatinb-resistant gene in heterozygous form in my bone marrow (therefore, i can not use a new-generation drug invented by NOVATIS. The drug is intended for patients with GLIVEC resistance. The patients who wish to use the new drug must have a homozygous gene. They will also have to pay for the drug themselves with cost of nearly 80 milions VND/month). I have to constantly infuse red-blood-cells and take accompanied Hytinon to destroy the white-cells. At about September/2012, the doctors have me a marrow puncture test and found out that the disease have progress to the acute stage (ALL – Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia). Vencristine was infused, but there was no response. Marrow puncture was carried-out again along with mark-cell test. The disease now is identified as AML (Acute Myelocyte Leukemia). Main drugs for this stage are Perynethol and Hytinon but the efficacy is very low. I still have to infuse red-blood-cell twice a week, while the white-cell and platelet indexes have a risk of falling low, which can cause severe complications about clotting ability and immunity of the body.


Red blood cell:            2.8    M/ml     (Normal value 4.2 – 5.4)

Hemoglobine               6.0    g/dL      (Normal value 12 – 16 )

Platelet:                       48     K/uL      (Normal value 150 – 400 )

White blood cell          2.48  K/uL      (Normal value 5.2 – 10.0 )

BLAST penetration to peripheral blood: +++

(BLAST is a kind of immature cell that can not normally develop into red blood cell, platelet or white blood cell. This is because the tumor cell in the bone marrow create too many immature cell, that leads to the penetration of those cell to peripheral blood and to organs of the body. This subsequently cause severe complication, even fatality)


Red blood cell:            3.2    M/ml     (Normal value 4.2 – 5.4)

Hemoglobine               7.7    g/dL      (Normal value 12 – 16 )

Platelet:                       360    K/uL      (Normal value 150 – 400 )

White blood cell          7.89  K/uL      (Normal value 5.2 – 10.0 )

BLAST penetration to peripheral blood: 0

As a result, blood transfusion is not necessary (low limit of blood transfusion is HGB<7 gram). Platelet and white blood cell indexes are in normal range. The special thing is BLAST in peripheral blood disappear

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